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22:28 Changeset[7196] von er13
make people happy commit: * do not define (GDB|NMAP)_VERSION variables in …
20:59 Ticket #1384 (jnettop PACKAGE) erstellt von sf3978
Im Anhang ein Paket (Patch) für jnettop
17:31 Changeset[7195] von cuma
vtun: fix wrong config file (refs …
14:34 Ticket #1383 (arpon PACKAGE) erstellt von sf3978
Im Anhang ein Paket (Patch) für arpon.
12:06 Changeset[7194] von er13
wget: * allow busybox and GNU wget to be included into the image at the …
12:02 packages/tcpdump bearbeitet von M66B
Added warning (Diff)
11:55 Changeset[7193] von er13
7170-29.04.87: * sync kernel .config with that from AVM's opensource …
08:10 packages/callmonitor/actions/config bearbeitet von buehmann
03:16 Ticket #1382 (Package gw6 überarbeiten) erstellt von cuma
Ich denke dass der gogo6 Client einer Überarbeitung bedarf. Grundlegen …
02:24 Changeset[7192] von cuma
minidlna: fix startup fails sometimes because own pid is treated as …


23:58 Changeset[7191] von cuma
push_firmware: fix typo in r7124, by MaxMuster (refs #1339)
19:32 Changeset[7190] von er13
fix typo from r7188
18:54 Changeset[7189] von cuma
show only logs with content (eg rc_custom.log)
17:37 Ticket #1381 (7170 04.87 replaced-kernel - dsld verursacht Reboot) erstellt von cuma
Der dsld verursacht Reboots mit der neuen Firmware dsld -v -f […] …
17:32 Ticket #525 ("get_ip -w" needs support for session ID) erneut geöffnet von cuma
Kannst du dir das anschauen, buehmann?
17:00 Changeset[7188] von cuma
external: added kernel-modules cifs & ipv6
16:56 Changeset[7187] von cuma
14:36 packages bearbeitet von cuma
nmap updated (Diff)
14:35 Changeset[7186] von cuma
nmap: nmap-services is now independent of external-subdirs
14:19 packages bearbeitet von cuma
pptp&pptpd updated (Diff)
14:13 Changeset[7185] von cuma
pptp&pptpd added to external
13:55 Changeset[7184] von cuma
* pppd&chat added to external * ppp-cgi added to external-services
13:06 Changeset[7183] von er13
openvpn: * ensure select-branch of code is used and not the …
13:02 Changeset[7182] von er13
global config.cache: * remove values commented out a year ago (no …
12:54 Changeset[7181] von er13
global config.cache: * disable all epoll functions globally * refs #1300
12:48 Changeset[7180] von er13
7170-29.04.87: * sync HWREV*-values with those found in the unpacked AVM …
12:19 packages bearbeitet von cuma
radvd updated (Diff)
12:16 Changeset[7179] von cuma
radvd: added to external
10:30 Changeset[7178] von er13
7170-29.04.87: * sync the value of AVM_CPMAC_NO_PHY1_HWREV_LIST with that …
09:26 Changeset[7177] von Whoopie
kernel: enable cp2101 for && 04.80/87 (refs #1006)
09:19 Changeset[7176] von er13
fix typo from r7175
08:55 Changeset[7175] von oliver
* Integrate new 7170 open source kernel (Thanks AVM) * Activate replace …


19:06 Changeset[7174] von oliver
* Remove .config parameter from freetz_download script * Move mirrors …
16:32 Changeset[7173] von oliver
* Fix uClibc-0.9.32 patches (credits go to dileks) * refs #842
16:22 Changeset[7172] von oliver
* Add missing patches (not ready yet) and .config for uClibc-0.9.32 (refs …
16:18 Changeset[7171] von oliver
* toolchain: Add uClibc-0.9.32 (use linuxthread.old for now, no nptl …
15:03 packages bearbeitet von M66B
Added tcpdump size (Diff)
14:55 Ticket #1380 (File-System-Manager) erstellt von gismotro
Hallo Freetzer, hier nun das neue Projekt von Dropsrolle ( …
13:09 Changeset[7170] von oliver
* 7170: continue work of r7169 * Update patches
12:45 Changeset[7169] von oliver
* 7170: Bump firmware version to 29.04.87 (not finished yet) * Update …
12:35 Changeset[7168] von Whoopie
tcpdump: add a new "mini" build variant which reduces the binary size to …
09:44 Ticket #1379 (Access /freetz_status with IPv6 address has wrong redirect) geschlossen von buehmann
fixed: In [7167]: […]
09:44 Changeset[7167] von buehmann
IPv6-compatible libmodredir; fixes #1379. Thanks for reporting.
07:51 Ticket #1379 (Access /freetz_status with IPv6 address has wrong redirect) erstellt von ramik
If I try to access the FritzBox main webif with its IPv6 address …


20:21 Ticket #671 (Netatalk) geschlossen von er13
fixed: In [7166]: […]
20:21 Changeset[7166] von er13
* added new package netatalk, by svoop & dg1kjd * fixes #671
20:16 Changeset[7165] von er13
gdb makefile: * fix MD5 variable name
20:13 packages/netatalk erstellt von er13
20:06 packages bearbeitet von er13
added netatalk (Diff)
16:26 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Changed to: SixXS: Create a new User account (Diff)
15:54 Changeset[7164] von oliver
* ccache: Bump to version 3.1.5 * set default to n (developer feature) …
15:48 Ticket #1376 (Make "opendd" externalizable) geschlossen von oliver
fixed: In [7163]: […]
15:48 Changeset[7163] von oliver
* opendd: Add missing external entry (fixes #1376)
15:28 Ticket #1339 (Support for Alice IAD 7570) geschlossen von oliver
14:55 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Fixed some more typos (Diff)
14:51 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Avoid redundant informations which can be read on the SixXS website (Diff)
14:32 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Add date to Silence quote (Diff)
14:28 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Quoting Silence from about IPv6 (Diff)
14:25 Ticket #1378 (Mirrors fest in freetz_download Skript einbinden) erstellt von oliver
Derzeit ist es möglich die Mirrors im menuconfig zu bearbeiten. Da sich …
14:18 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Fix little typo (Diff)
14:09 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Are inet6 addresses listed? Do you have a "sixxs" virtual network … (Diff)
14:04 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
List other hosts with IPv6 stack:,,, … (Diff)
13:56 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Tests in the Web-browser:, dancing kame, ShowIP addon for … (Diff)
13:47 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Tests on the router: ping6? traceroute6? ipv6 kernel-module? aiccu/radvd … (Diff)
13:34 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
New section: Test your IPv6 connectivity: 1. Tests on the router 2. Tests … (Diff)
13:21 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Preps #1: Update router firmware + Preps #2: Getting SixXS-ed (Diff)
13:09 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Add URL for news German DTAG plans to offer IPv6 end of 2011 to its … (Diff)
12:23 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
20-Jun-2011: PLEASE, DO NOT EDIT !!! (Diff)
12:20 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
SixXS: Request Subnet (Diff)
12:05 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Move TODO remark for aiccu wiki-page (Diff)
11:58 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Fixed some typos (Diff)
11:54 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
SixXS: Request Tunnel (Diff)
11:31 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
SixXS: Create an User account (Diff)
11:14 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
New section: SixXS: IPv6 Deployment and Tunnel Broker (Diff)
10:46 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Preps Getting SixXS-ed: 1. Create an User account 2. Request Tunnel 3. … (Diff)
10:30 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Some typos fixed (Diff)
10:28 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Use term "Tunnel Broker" consistently, add RFC-3053 and URL to References (Diff)
10:11 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Speedport W701V: Introduce short form, use name consistently (Diff)
10:08 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Clarify on "No more IPv4 addresses offcially" (Diff)
10:00 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
History: Add info about RFC-2460 for IPv6 specification (Diff)
08:03 Changeset[7162] von er13
toolchain: * fix the option "use GNU libstdc++ as Standard C++ Library" …
07:30 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Motivation: Revised (Diff)


16:52 Changeset[7161] von er13
nmap: * fix bug in nmap build system: ensure libnsock uses the same …
16:01 Ticket #728 (NMAP update to 5.21) geschlossen von er13
fixed: Aus meiner Sicht fixed. Für uClibc++ Probleme sollten wir ein separates …
15:53 Ticket #1377 (make bricht ab : Undefined version for PKG_INIT in make/nmap/ geschlossen von er13
fixed: fixed in r7160
15:52 Changeset[7160] von er13
* fix build with no nmap selected (refs #728,fixes #1377)
15:50 Changeset[7159] von er13
fix r7158
15:28 Changeset[7158] von er13
nmap: * allow a statically linked binary to be created * refs #728
15:27 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
s/Solution/way (Diff)
15:22 Changeset[7157] von er13
lua: * install static library to staging dir * refs #728
15:19 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Please, try the official upgrade procedure first before using freetz! (Diff)
15:17 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Clarify on the official upgrade procedure (Diff)
15:15 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Labor-Preview: Add a clear warning, move sentences (Diff)
15:13 ipv6 bearbeitet von oliver
Add escapes (Diff)
15:01 Ticket #1377 (make bricht ab : Undefined version for PKG_INIT in make/nmap/ erstellt von mandy28
Revision 7156 make bricht ab […] getestet mit 7270V3,7170,7320 …
14:46 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Prereq: List as items, typo fixes (Diff)
14:42 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Missing BR (Diff)
14:41 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Kill some useless empty lines (Diff)
14:39 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
New section: Expand firmware with IPv6 using freetz (Diff)
14:25 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Activate Table of Contents (ToC) (Diff)
14:20 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Official firmware-images from AVM: Fix some typos (Diff)
14:20 Changeset[7156] von er13
nmap: * add version 5.51 (only available if libstdc++ is used as Standard …
14:17 Changeset[7155] von er13
libdnet: * bump version to svn revision 665, required by nmap 5.51 * …
14:15 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
19-Jun-2011: WARNING: This article is WIP (Work-In-Progress) !!! (Diff)
14:08 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
List of AVM routers with official IPv6-support (text + update URL) (Diff)
14:04 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Clarify on Labor-Preview firmwares are experimental software! (Diff)
14:02 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
New Update router firmware + Official firmware-images from AVM sections (Diff)
13:30 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
s/Mac OSX/MacOS X (Diff)
13:28 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
New Motivation section, rewrite Introduction and reformat chapters (Diff)
13:20 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
WTF "native" IPv6? (Diff)
13:17 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
s/Do you speak IPv6?/Ways to access IPv6-Internet (Diff)
13:15 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Solution #3: 6to4 or Teredo-tunnel ("unsteady", not discussed further) (Diff)
13:09 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Solution #2: IPv6 via Tunnel-broker (SixXS or gogo6) (Diff)
12:58 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
Solution #1: Native IPv6 via ISP (more text) (Diff)
12:56 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
New: Do you speak IPv6? 1. Native IPv6 2. Tunnel-broker 3. 6to4/Teredo (Diff)
12:44 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
New Prerequisites (first list for now, needs rework) (Diff)
12:33 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
New History section (just brainstorming, needs rework) (Diff)
12:27 Changeset[7154] von oliver
* vnstat-cgi: Use modlib_restart (modlib_stop kills daemon so why wait …
12:23 ipv6 bearbeitet von dileks
New Introduction and References sections (Diff)
11:59 ipv6 erstellt von dileks
Initial release: IPv6 on AVM and freetz-compatible routers


23:24 Ticket #1375 (Make "htpdate" externalizable.) geschlossen von oliver
invalid: Gerne.
20:10 Changeset[7153] von er13
* add new package truecrypt - unstable! - available only for kernel …
18:59 Changeset[7152] von er13
* remove unnecessary chmod, expected to solve the problem reported in this …
17:26 Changeset[7151] von er13
* add new library wxWidgets, required by truecrypt * refs #643
17:14 Ticket #643 (Package Truecrypt) erneut geöffnet von er13
15:46 Changeset[7150] von er13
bind: * disable epoll usage until a (better) solution found * refs #1300
15:24 Changeset[7149] von er13
gw6: * fix out of bounds array access
14:45 Changeset[7148] von er13
toolchain: * allow GNU libstdc++ to be used as the implementation of the …
13:53 Ticket #1376 (Make "opendd" externalizable) erstellt von schuettecarsten
"opendd" is missing in the list of "externalizable" services.
13:53 Ticket #1375 (Make "htpdate" externalizable.) erstellt von schuettecarsten
"htpdate" is missing in the list of "externalizable" services.
12:17 Ticket #1374 (OpenNTPd setzt Zeit nicht) erstellt von schuettecarsten
Ich habe im Syslog eine Menge der folgenden Meldungen: […] Fazit: …
12:17 Ticket #1373 (Mount/External Hook für NAND Speicher (7390)) erstellt von oliver
Der interne Speicher (NAND flash) löst beim mount kein external event aus. …
11:30 Changeset[7147] von oliver
* Use busybox unzip to unpackage images/packages * build-prerequisites: …
10:45 Changeset[7146] von oliver
* kernel/ Add some network schedulers (by dileks) * modules …
10:42 Changeset[7145] von oliver
CHANGELOG: Add update to iptables
10:06 Changeset[7144] von er13
gw6: * rework all patches and the makefile, remove all the mess with …
09:50 Changeset[7143] von oliver
* fwmod: Move webdir of avme images to /usr/www/all too (and put a symlink …
09:35 Changeset[7142] von oliver
* patches: Replace usr/www/avm with usr/www/all * usr/www/avm is …
09:10 Changeset[7141] von oliver
* kernel/ Reorder some modules * sit.ko is only available on …
07:21 Changeset[7140] von er13
minicom: * port and baud are REBUILD_SUBOPTS * refs #1366
00:32 Ticket #1366 (Bump minicom to 2.5) geschlossen von cuma
fixed: In [7139]: […]
00:32 Changeset[7139] von cuma
minicom: add menuconfig options for port and baud, thx MaxMuster (closes …


22:33 Changeset[7138] von er13
* Provide menuconfig & external options for libstdc++ (GNU implementation …
21:05 Changeset[7137] von er13
reorder menuconfig entries under "Advanced options/Shared libraries": * …
20:36 Changeset[7136] von er13
* don't treat libgcc_s as a special case, install it just like any other …
20:15 Ticket #1372 (xz PACKAGE) erstellt von sf3978
Im Anhang ein Paket (Patch) für xz.
18:24 Ticket #1371 (7390: Fehler beim Bau von libjpeg) geschlossen von er13
invalid: […] s. r7119
17:39 packages/checkmaild bearbeitet von oliver
Update checkmaild description (Diff)
16:55 Neues Bildschirmfoto Checkmaild erstellt von oliver
Checkmaild Webinterface
16:48 Changeset[7135] von oliver
checkmaild: Bump to version 0.4.7 * fix first imap access * …
16:13 Changeset[7134] von oliver
* Bump 7240, 7270 labor preview to 05.04-20025 * refs #1233
14:44 FAQ bearbeitet von oliver
by beetlejuice (Diff)
13:48 FAQ bearbeitet von oliver
Update security level (Diff)
07:12 Ticket #1371 (7390: Fehler beim Bau von libjpeg) erstellt von schuettecarsten
Der aktuelle trunk baut bei mir nicht. Config anbei. Ich baue auch den …


21:07 Ticket #1369 (untranslated message in Checkmaild -> mailaction) geschlossen von er13
fixed: In [7133]: […]
21:07 Changeset[7133] von er13
checkmaild: * add /etc/default.checkmaild/mailactions.def to the list of …
21:00 Ticket #1352 (CFLAGS überarbeiten) geschlossen von er13
fixed: aus meiner Sicht, fixed.
20:05 Changeset[7132] von er13
uClibc patches: * combine patches with fritzbox specific arch/tune flags …
08:26 Changeset[7131] von oliver
* uClibc: Rename some patches, add prefixes (refs #842)
08:10 Changeset[7130] von oliver
* cosmetic fixes (refs #842)
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