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19:13 Changeset[247] von kriegaex
- Same procedure as every year, James: changelog reorganised to …
14:55 Changeset[246] von kriegaex
Create tag '14.4' for new intermediate release
14:54 Changeset[245] von kriegaex
Prepare changelog for upcoming intermediate release 14.4
14:36 Changeset[244] von kriegaex
Merge in -r 231:243 from trunk: - Busybox patch for 'ash' shell: When a …
14:18 Changeset[243] von kriegaex
Fix quoting issue in rudi_shellcmd.cgi
14:15 Changeset[242] von kriegaex
- Busybox patch for 'ash' shell: When a remote client (e.g. ssh) was …
11:25 Changeset[241] von oliver
Bump callmonitor version to 1.9.2


19:24 Meilenstein 0.2.9-p8 erreicht
ds-0.2.9-p8 (Kernel 2.4) Unterstüzte Boxen und Firmwares …
08:15 Changeset[240] von oliver
Fix busybox rebuild when config changes (copied from openwrt)
08:09 Changeset[239] von oliver
Bump callmonitor version to 1.9.1
06:47 Changeset[238] von kriegaex
Bugfix: CRLF line endings led to a build error. During the bug hunting …


21:38 Changeset[237] von oliver
Add patches for FritzBox Fon
21:36 Changeset[236] von oliver
Add FritzBox Fon (06.04.30) to ds26
20:53 Changeset[235] von oliver
Disable CONFIG_KMOD kernel option because of missing symbol in original …
20:50 Changeset[234] von oliver
Versionupdate for USB and VPN Laborfirmware
14:10 Changeset[233] von oliver
Forgot to modprobe ipt_iprange


21:40 Changeset[232] von oliver
Update for firewall-cgi, because CONFIG_KMOD will be removed from default …


09:00 Changeset[231] von kriegaex
Merge in -r 226:229 and a part of -r 230 from trunk: - Ntfs3g: package …


21:54 Changeset[230] von kriegaex
- Patches to inotify-enable uClibc - New binary package 'inotify-tools' …
20:09 Changeset[229] von oliver
Remove zlib from prerequisites if bftpd is built without zlib-support


20:36 Changeset[228] von oliver
TCPDUMP_PKG_SOURCE was defined twice in make/tcpdump/
19:41 Changeset[227] von oliver
- Ntfs3g: package update because of version bump


22:57 Changeset[226] von kriegaex
Remove strange subclipse tags, mainly because they contain a wrong branch …
21:10 Changeset[225] von oliver
Merge in -r 223:224 from trunk: - Ntfs3g: bump version to 1.417 - Fix typo …
20:31 Changeset[224] von oliver
- Ntfs3g: bump version to 1.417
20:11 Changeset[223] von oliver
Fix typo
17:00 Changeset[222] von kriegaex
Merge in -r 220 from trunk in order to complete previous merge which …
16:56 Changeset[221] von kriegaex
Merge in -r 213:219 from trunk: - Minor menuconfig improvements: * Don't …
16:36 Changeset[220] von kriegaex
- Small improvements in menuconfig - Update change log
16:01 Changeset[219] von kriegaex
Remove trunk/trunk, check-in was not on purpose.
13:21 Changeset[218] von oliver
Do not use /sbin/depmod while cross-compiling.
13:11 Changeset[217] von oliver
Integrate new AVM opensource-package (7141-04.30)
12:12 Changeset[216] von oliver
Remove unneeded code
10:38 Changeset[215] von oliver
Update bftpd to version 1.8
10:34 Changeset[214] von oliver
10:23 Changeset[213] von kriegaex
Merge in changes -r 207:212 from trunk: - Update Speedport W701V to …
10:19 Changeset[212] von kriegaex
Correct because a typo has slipped into the previous version.
10:08 Changeset[211] von kriegaex
- Add forgotten new download mirror #3 already mentioned in change log - …
09:52 Changeset[210] von kriegaex
Add forgotten module util.c. This happened because the old util.c was …
09:49 Changeset[209] von oliver
Fix typo
09:43 Changeset[208] von oliver
Update Speedport W701V to firmware version 33.04.26
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