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19.10.2018: Gestern

17:33 Changeset[14917] von er13
add preliminary support for 6490.06.8X/6590.06.8X (by f-666) - …
16:28 Changeset[14916] von er13
ignore DOS-eol's and linker-script rules in kernel Makefile's (by f-666) …
16:14 Changeset[14915] von er13
rename site to
15:58 Changeset[14914] von er13
disable epoll functions only for affected kernel versions
15:40 Changeset[14913] von er13
add config-site file for PUMA6_x86 arch this is a counterpart of the …
15:35 Changeset[14912] von er13
reduce the number of config-site related files rename freetz to …
15:27 Changeset[14911] von er13
factor out some architecture specific values, adjust comments use …
15:22 Changeset[14910] von er13
remove commented-out/empty lines
15:17 Changeset[14909] von er13
add some variables to TARGET_CONFIGURE_ENV to allow their usage in the …


21:23 Changeset[14908] von er13
make socat work with TERMIOS enabled on x86 (by f-666) refs …
21:20 Changeset[14907] von er13
add 6490/6590 firmware features/capabilities (by f-666) refs …
21:05 Changeset[14906] von er13
menuconfig: introduce and use FREETZ_TYPE_{CABLE,DSL,LTE} symbols
20:30 Changeset[14905] von er13
menuconfig: change conditions from being box-type to being system-type …
20:21 Changeset[14904] von er13
menuconfig: break some lines for readability reasons, no functional …
20:12 Changeset[14903] von er13
menuconfig: change conditions from being box-type to being system-type …
16:53 Changeset[14902] von er13
remove "remove strace"-related code, supported firmware versions don't …
16:48 Changeset[14901] von er13
menuconfig: remove commented-out code


23:16 Changeset[14900] von er13
yourfritz/bootmanager: add support for the "fixed branding"-approach used …
23:14 Changeset[14899] von er13
yourfritz-host: bump version to the latest git revision
22:09 Changeset[14898] von er13
7360v2: bump Fritz!OS-6.8x version to 6.85
07:46 Changeset[14897] von er13
VR9 boxes: integrate kernel sources from open source package for …


21:12 Changeset[14896] von er13
tinc: security version bump to 1.0.35/1.1pre17 …
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