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apache needs webif, easy-to-follow setup guide, a fitting apache.conf and an initscript

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Just as the summary says, apache didn't yet have an easy-to-follow guide for getting started (IMO).

I created a little package containing 2 patches, one for make/apache/conf/apache.conf (fitting for Mini-HowTo), one for make/apache/ (added Mini-HowTo), and a few files (fitting webif file in /usr/lib/cgi-bin, /etc/init.d/rc.apache, and a set of files in /etc/default.apache/, including an apache.conf editor).

It's far from perfect, since I invented $APACHE_DIRBASE and $APACHE_DIR in order to split the path up in a base path and the rest of the path including the usbdevice's dirname. Maybe someone can add this $APACHE_DIRBASE somewhere more global. Used the same thing for a $TRANSMISSION_DIRBASE for the very same reasons.


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The initscript patch is just some clearing up (tabs,spaces,remove debugs,remove commentary) and the status now gets returned all the time.. Dunno from which other initscript I picked up the exclusion of status-reporting when the package is not in autostart.

In any case, enjoy.

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Would be nice if the Apache may be included in the Firmware image (for 7270v2(16MB) 7270v3) and external image

It would also be very nice if the Apache can be Startet/Autostarted over WebIf as Service

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