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perl/fhem: add perl and fhem home automation server

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Attached you will find a patch which will provide the support for fhem home automation server using perl.

The patch contains the software, a startup script and a configuration CGI, saying the thing is almost ready to use.

Have a look, add comments and have fun.

The changeset can be optained form github:

git clone ​​​ freetz-devel

Following command can be used to update the checkout:

git fetch; git reset —hard origin/master

A patch can be created by clicking of the wanted commit under following URL:


You have to append .patch to the URL after the SHA-value to download the patch.

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freetz_perl.diff (11.1 KB) - hinzugefügt von adn77 vor 12 Tagen.
diff to the patch (includes support for IO::Socket:SSL, JSON and DBD:SQLite)

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comment:1 Geändert vor 12 Tagen durch adn77

Just what I've been looking for…
I cross-compiled perl outside of freetz and put it on the internal storage to run FHEM (see:

I modified your Makefile to include SSL and SQLite support. Please find the diff to your patch attached below.

What is the preferred method to include such big packages (currently Perl will add about 10MB to the Image)?

Geändert vor 12 Tagen durch adn77

diff to the patch (includes support for IO::Socket:SSL, JSON and DBD:SQLite)

comment:2 Geändert vor 8 Tagen durch dirkh


I have updated github according to your patches, but had to revert to perl 5.24.3, because of build problems also in Makefile.PL files, see

However now it compiles and works also with openssl. I had to apply openssl patch from:

I do manually transfer the tar files to the box and unpack the archive to the externals, but you can also split the externals files in multiple by a build options in freetz and transfer the files via freetz.

fhem.cfg is saved in freetz flash and can be edited by freetz web interface, the root directory is /mod/etc/freetz

Have fun

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