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#2643 closed task (fixed)

Investigate if modules.dep.bin, modules.alias.bin, modules.symbols.bin could be removed

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Investigate if these files (presented in the firmwares with kernels 2.6.28/2.6.32) could be removed.

Working assumption - they are not used at all, their text versions (same named files without .bin suffix) are always used.

Freetz updates modules.dep but doesn't update modules.dep.bin, so both are inconsistent. The fact that it has never led to any known problem and the value of FREETZ_BUSYBOX_DEFAULT_DEPMOD_FILE="modules.dep" are both considered to be the indicators that at least modules.dep.bin is not necessary.

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In 12781:

  • remove modules.dep.bin - it's unused (and inconsistent with modules.dep)
  • refs #2643

comment:2 Geändert vor 4 Jahren durch er13

In 12923:

  • remove modules.alias.bin and modules.symbols.bin alongside with modules.dep.bin, both seem to be unused, at least I haven't found a single reference
  • refs #2643

comment:3 Geändert vor 4 Jahren durch er13

  • Lösung auf fixed gesetzt
  • Status von new nach closed geändert

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