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#2458 closed defect (fixed)

Working on Freetz in GIT breaks SSLH build

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This is probably very specific, because main SCM for Freetz is SVN. But I am using git-svn tools to work with GIT instead of SVN and I know there are more people doing it.
This setup worked fine for a long time. But since r11725 ("sslh: bump version to 1.16") it doesn't build anymore with sslh module enabled.

Upstream sslh has introduced a script generating version.h header file. And it tries to be smart about git. When it detects that it's being built from a git repo, it tries to parse current rev and use it as version string. This leads to an invalid version and failed build in my case.

To work around this I have created a patch overriding version detection in SSLH and hard-wiring it to "1.16".

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You should report this as a bug to sslh. They should verify that the git commands access their git repository.

How exaclty does the build fail? There don't semm to be special requirements for the version string.

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In 11993:


  • workaround "incorrect version number when built from tarball within foreign git repository"-problem
  • refs #2458

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  • Lösung auf fixed gesetzt
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