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Use Google chart API for statistics

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This is just an idea I am writing down so as not to forget it:

Some people use charting modules to create fancy-looking grpahical dashboards displaying FritzBox stats. A way to save space in the firmware as well as and CPU cycles would be to use Google's chart API (

The attached magazine article provides a few examples on how to use the API. Maybe somebody feels like creating a package or integrating it into the Freetz web UI core.

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c't intro article about Google Chart API

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c't intro article about Google Chart API

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i doubt this can be done easily, for statistics collection we use the rrdtool, which stores data in some internal database format, and viewing is done with the same tool, it will be quite difficult to remake graphs with google api.

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Mit "rrdtool xport" kann eine XML Datei exportiert werden, aus welcher die Daten gewonnen werden können

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Obviously nobody really needed this urgently, so let's get rid of the ticket.

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