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#1338 closed enhancement (wontfix)

Powertop Support via timer_stats (patch included)

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Priorität: normal Meilenstein: freetz-2.0
Komponente: kernel Version: devel
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Product Id: 7570 Firmware Version:


I noticed that the freetz kernel (2.6.19) in my case (7570) doesn't support timer_stats. But it's really easy to add. The patch applies almost entirely without issues.
The patch can be found here.

I've applied with "fuzz factor" of 300 lines (patch -F 300). Then only the Makefile needs to be modified:
add timer_stats.o at the end of the line.

I couldn't try it out yet, as current SVN freetz on longer supports images < 8 MB and I have a split mtd1.

Could someone try this out and apply this to the sources? Thanks!

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timer_stats.patch (21.9 KB) - hinzugefügt von djtm vor 7 Jahren.
timer_stats original patch

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timer_stats original patch

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Why do we need this timer_stats function?

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If there is a reason, please reopen

It is not intended for production usage as it adds significant overhead to the (hr)timer code and the (hr)timer data structures.

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